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Paintings on view 2023 at DTR Modern Galleries NYC and Nantucket


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Jill Cunniff, founding member of the band Luscious Jackson, joins us to talk about her music, life as a born-and-raised New York artist, and the very first exhibition of her artwork at 198 Allen Street on view from September 20 through September 23. 

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Posted on: September 20th, 2018 by MacKenzie

Fans of Luscious Jackson will be happy to hear that New York City’s own Jill Cuniff has an art show happening all weekend at 198 Allen Street.

The Luscious Jackson singer-songwriter/bassist unveils “Lyric and Word Paintings” at the perennial pop-up tonight, showcasing a collection of abstract watercolor and mixed media paintings, some of which feature some familiar Luscious Jackson lyrics (for more, get a glimpse of what Cunniff is up to in her art studio via her own Instagram). Festivities kick off at 7 pm and the event is free.


Rachel Brodsky        @RachelBrods 

Jill Cunniff is a lifelong New Yorker, born and raised. But today the Luscious Jackson frontwoman and founding member is in Los Angeles visiting her brother, who, naturally, works in TV. Like many other Brooklynites (Cunniff currently resides in Park Slope), she’s openly fascinated with the City Of Angels, specifically its sprawling mid-century architecture and seemingly stuck-in-time road signage. She even admits her relocation fantasies.

“There’s something cool about LA,” she muses. “Every time I’ve come here over the last 10 years I’ve been like, ‘Yeah, I could move here.’ For various reasons we never did, but I thought, ‘God, if I was 10 or 20 years younger like didn’t have all this stuff established, I could see myself doing that.'”

New York isn’t just Cunniff’s home — it’s also where she formed alt-pop mainstay Luscious Jackson in the early ’90s. With some help from neighborhood peers the Beastie Boys, who signed the quartet to their label, Grand Royal, Luscious released four critically beloved discs — 1992’s In Search Of Manny EP, 1994’s Natural Ingredients, 1996’s Fever In Fever Out (home to the grooving staple “Naked Eye”), and 1999’s Electric Honey — before splitting in 2000.


By Bill Pearis

Luscious Jackson’s Jill Cunniff is, in addition to being a musician, an artist and the two have always been linked for her. “I’ve been painting my whole life. As a teenager, I used to paint and write songs kind of like a hand off, switching between the two over the course of an afternoon,” says Jill. “I listen to music when I am doing artwork; it’s a big part of the process. I’m influenced by New York City’s streets and the posters and writings that pile up on top of each other, creating layers of color and text.” Influenced by 1980s NYC street art, she studied painting at U.C. Berkeley before coming back to New York to form Luscious Jackson in the early ’90s.

Cunniff will present her first ever exhibition of her artwork at NYC’s 198 Allen Street gallery from September 20 – 23. Some of her paintings feature Luscious Jackson lyrics. For the opening night party (9/20, 7-10 PM), Jill will also perform an acoustic set, playing Luscious Jackson songs and solo material.




Jill Cunniff Paints Up a Storm of Lyrical Color

Luscious Jackson Founder and Songwriter Opens a Solo Show in NYC

September 21, 2018 by Ken Kurson

Jill Cuniff, opened her first ever solo art show at 185 Allen St. last night and it’s as good as the song. “Lyric + Word Paintings” may be Cuniff’s first show, but she told Fine Art Globe, “I’ve been painting and creating art since I was 14.” It shows.

So often, when a creator well known in one form shows off talent in another, he or she tries to put distance between the two. Cuniff embraces the enormous affection fans retain for her groundbreaking band. Her works are bright water colors with tons of pink, orange and yellow, and they incorporate the lyrics from her best known songs (including Citysong) in a way that makes the words feel as vital as they did 25 years ago.


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